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SEO Rules for Designers

This web design Watford guide is meant to inform web designers on the important SEO practices that have to be taken into consideration from the design stage itself. There is no dearth of website owners who choose to incorporate elements of SEO after the web design Watford stage has passed. SEO is not meant for implementation as an afterthought.

Here is a guide for search-engine friendly web design and development. The right way to create a web design Watford website is to get your SEO in-charge to sit across the table with the designer and discuss aspects of search engine optimization; things such as one-time SEO work, regular SEO activities that can be put on auto, SEO elements that should be included in the coding phase, etc.

12 tips for developing an SEO Friendly Design

1. Make sure that the search engines can index the carefully crafted web design Watford content. Search engines cannot index flash files and JavaScript. As a rule of thumb, have HTML accompany difficult-to-index content. This would include alt content for images and a transcript for videos.

2. Spiders locate and index content through links. A systematic link structure should ensure that all pages constructed with web design Watford techniques are crawlable. Google has made it clear that your internal linking structure affects page strength. Pages that receive more traffic via internal links gain in strength. Therefore, the placement of your navigation bar and category keywords have an effect on how search engines rank your pages.

3. A useful web design Watford tip to remember is that search engine spiders do not crawl all the links on a page. Keep the most important links above the fold. The prominence of a link’s placement plays an important role in how search engines assign rank to pages. Since real estate on a page is limited and premium real estate even more so, a good web design Watford specialist will consider carefully the content to be promoted.

4. Your web design Watford website should make it easy for both search engine spiders and humans to navigate from one page to another. Maintain a template for navigation across the site; do not change it unless you have a very good reason to, like a landing page. Breadcrumbs inform about your location on a webpage and offer alternatives to go back and forth. They are valuable aids in getting pages indexed quickly. Along with navigation and categories, breadcrumbs should be placed above the fold.

5. User engagement on the site sends strong positive signals to the search engines. Ensure that your web design Watford site enables users to engage with you with ease. A prominently placed search bar and social media button sharing buttons are two ways. Social sign in is a cool idea, it give them the option of using their twitter / Facebook / LinkedIn sign ins to comment on your site.

6. Keep these standard web design Watford SEO practices as a standard. The keyword should appear at least once in the title tag. It should appear close to the top of the page. There are no hard and fast rules about keyword density but you should aim for a keyword density of around 2%. Variations of a keyword later in the text allow you to leverage long tail phrases. Make intelligent use of this opportunity. The image name and alt attribute should carry the keyword. It’s placement in the Meta description tag does not influence ranking but definitely does influence the user’s decision to click on your site’s link.

7. You don’t need to be an old hand at web design Watford techniques to know that your most powerful keywords must appear in the beginning of the title tag. Why? Because search engines index only the beginning 65-75 characters from the title tag and you would want the keywords you are competing for to get indexed.

8. Web design Watford relies on feedback and two excellent resources for feedback on a website’s performance are webmaster tools and web analytics; both Yahoo and Google offer these tools. What’s the SEO angle here? Well, information on a visitor’s navigation path, the source of arrival, exit links, etc serves as a guide to create new pages.

9. If you’re going to create a landing page, then web design Watford allied with correct SEO will help you achieve your objective of more sign ups and sales. To make a landing page attractive for the search engines, zero in on one keyword and use it. Since landing pages invariably use the Parallax Design, using which you can elaborate on a story on a single page; the link structure has to be correct.

10. Use the robots.txt file to prevent search engines from crawling directories you don’t want it to, it could be a page or pages that you have removed and there is no point in having non-existent pages crawled. On similar lines, web designers should know that websites invariably accumulate debris in the form of broken links, and these should be regularly cleaned. Another benefit of a robots.txt file is that you can direct search engines to the sitemap via this file. It helps to make doubly sure that your web design Watford website’s content is being picked up by the spiders.

11. Is your web design Watford website mobile friendly? If it’s not then you are losing on valuable traffic that is eager to give you business. Mobile websites optimized for search engines load quickly, which means you need to trim excess code. Since mobile and PC users are inclined to use slightly different terms, you need to factor this in when creating a content marketing plan. Remember to target location specific queries for mobile traffic. If targeting a predominantly mobile traffic, then your web design Watford decision should be to opt for a dedicated mobile specific website over a responsive web design (RWD).

12. Finally, a neat web design Watford tip to begin your site’s SEO project on the right note. If you can, then choose an existing domain over registering a new one. An old domain name offers more SEO value, quicker indexing and existing backlinks to the domain are just two of the benefits.

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This web design Watford guide is meant to inform web designers on the important SEO practices that have to be taken into consideration from the design stage itself.