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Web Design Ideas

Web design is no longer about just creating great looking websites. Other considerations such as cross browser compatibility and the ability for a website to be displayed in an optimal condition across multiple screen sizes are now major considerations. Web design now also includes a marketing component with more web owners looking for highly converting websites. To achieve all these requirements and more, web designers must use various industry best practices when designing.

Better conversion with Call-to-Action buttons for effective Web Design

Users are led to act in ways beneficial to the web design through call-to-action buttons. These are designed to attract visitors to specific products, services or information by the web design person by clicking on buttons resulting in higher conversion rates for clients and a rise in purchase actions.

Use of Breadcrumbs in Web Design

When using the Breadcrumb style of navigation for a website with many pages, users are intuitively led across the website. Breadcrumbs make it easy for visitors to access information on a website because they just click to navigate to the right page quicker.

Creating the Search button

The search button is one of the most used tools on a website because it allows the user to search through extensive information and get to specifics in a short time. As the website grows, a search utility can mean hundreds minutes in saved screen time for users.

Internal links; Read More and Continue Reading for Creative Web Designs

In order to attract the reader’s attention, web content developers should use short compelling first paragraphs that contain the whole essence of the blog post or articles, and eye-catching video and pictures. To present a catchy blurb that attracts interest, read more and continue reading links are used to provide the entire content for attracted audiences.

Tracking progress in Web Design

Visitors can easily get lost in a large website, especially one that has a checkout option. To prevent this and get the user to the checkout process as fast as they wish to, links and graphics that show the visitors progress and all them to track their position are useful and should be used.

For websites to be responsive, HTML5 and CSS3 are now used the development of the pages. These are powerful set of tools that create responsive websites that can deliver high quality multimedia experiences and are friendly and optimized for mobile devices.

It is recommended that HTML5 and CSS3 are used for all web design projects going forward.

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Web Design needs to be effective for conversion, drive traffic, convert prospective customers and drive revenue to meet your objectives it's not just visual