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Web development London today has no option but to adopt a responsive web design (RWD) approach. Global access to mobile phones and the popularity of smartphones and tablets has put internet access within easy reach of billions of people all over the world. And each is a potential customer for more than one business. Doubtless, your business too has prospective customers among mobile users and it is these that a savvy businessperson must seek to approach through web development London techniques that enable responsive websites.


The web development London challenge is to provide as near the same browsing experience as possible to both desktop and mobile users. In fact, not just mobiles, the net can be accessed on television, gaming consoles, and also e-readers.


Before we get down to understanding approaches for improving web development London websites with RWD, let us try and understand what the phrase means. RWD means that the website adapts to the screen size, platform, and orientation of the device being used. The device could be a tablet, smartphone, phablet, laptop, or desktop.


Web development London business advantages of responsive web design

1. A responsive web design increases the reach of a business exponentially. Nearly 60% of users will go directly to a brand’s app or website. So, if you’ve gained a mobile user’s trust and he has your app installed on his device then you have a ready customer for repeat sales.


2. Research shows that 60% of people want the business of their choice to be within walking distance. This fact taken in conjunction with the stats on local searches on mobile means that if your business can target customers within walking distance then you have an entirely new set of customers to tap, apart from the regular ones.


3. With a responsive website, you are free from the hassles of maintaining and updating device-specific websites. This not only brings down costs but also gives your marketing an integrated picture of customer behavior across devices.


4. Google too has shown a marked preference for device-agnostic websites, if your web development London website has been built using a responsive web design, it stands a better chance at ranking for mobile searches. RWD eliminates the issue of duplicate content that would crop up with mobile-specific websites.


5. With a single URL for the two websites, the issue of user-based redirects that can degrade user experience is avoided.


6. A web development London responsive web design is built for ease of use. User friendliness is an inherent characteristic of RWD. It fosters sharing of content and helps the business get more links.


7. Mobile searchers treat gas, convenience, banking, and finance needs as immediate and desire immediate fulfillment. On the other hand, they prefer to use mobile devices to research before making a retail purchase. The purchase, very often, happens offline. However, such customer interaction is an opportunity for data accumulation and having your app installed on their devices.


Web Development London Principles of Responsive Web Design


The guiding principle behind web development London responsive web design is that important information should b easily accessible. This is because mobile users are more likely to access the device with a purpose in mind. To this end, the layout for mobile devices needs to be structured to eliminate unnecessary scrolling.


Web development London design decisions for mobile websites need to factor in both limitations of functionality with mobile devices and end user expectations.


Web development London RWD solutions follow the principle of fluid grids, wherein instead of pixels one uses percentage as a measure. This allows the scaling of images and media so that these match the resolution of the viewing devices. Developers do not declare the maximum height and width of the images; instead they allow the browser to resize them.


Custom layout structures employ mobile CSS style sheets that derive information about the structural elements from the default style sheet and adapt for different screen sizes. Continuous development of CSS allows newer Android and Apple devices to support media features and queries for maximum device width, orientation, color, and more. With CSS3, you can create multiple web development London style sheets and add multiple media queries into a single style sheet.


A great web development London technique for adjusting content for mobile environments involves hiding unimportant content so that relevant content can be shown in lists, rows, and columns. You can easily choose HTML block elements that you want hidden for specific style sheets and browser resolutions. This allows you to replace content on a page with navigational links to the same content on other pages. Or convert the navigation to a drop down menu in order to save space when the display size is small.


Web development London techniques for RWD should take into consideration the fact that while most desktop-based interaction is cursor-based, mobile users rely on touchscreens. There are certain aspects of touchscreen-based usability to be kept in mind. For example, most users are right-handed who hold the device in their left hand and use the right hand to navigate. It therefore makes more sense to have sidebars on the right of the screen to enable smoother scrolling. Usually, sidebars that carry the less important information are the first to be jettisoned when the web development London size of the screen reduces.
As a web development London practitioner of responsive web design techniques, you can choose to follow either a top down approach, in which features are removed as resources get fewer or a bottom top approach in which you design for a mobile site and build on it as more features become available.


There is little doubt that your business needs a responsive website; it brings in customers and adds to the bottomline. There are many different layouts and themes possible for mobile websites. Your web development London designer should be able to create one depending upon the nature of your business and content that you put up – lots of text, rich media, sales pitch, lead capture content, etc.

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A responsive web design increases the reach of a business exponentially. Nearly 60% of users will go directly to a brand’s app or website.