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Web Presence Optimisation Strategy


What is the Need for Web Presence Optimisation?

Any organisation tends to have three pain areas namely not enough business, their brand is not established and not known i.e. want to create awareness of their brand and then establish a communication strategy with their existing and prospective customers. All marketing objectives are centred on these requirements.

There can be various tools that can be utilised to address these issues through marketing. The traditional methods have always been big budget marketing plans on Telly, Publications, Periodicals, Newspapers, Magazines, Radio, Display/Outdoor, yellow pages, Below The Line Marketing and now Online. Most methods have died down today and the shift has taken place from Media to Online. You know longer need to spend mammoths’ amount of budgets to compete with the big boys. Internet has levelled the playing field a bit. Online Marketing spends are more measurable. There is a return on investment on Online Marketing and is measurable. Unlike, someone once said with respect to traditional marketing, “ Above The Line Marketing”, -“Only half my marketing budget works not sure which half is that.”

How has Web Presence Optimisation evolved?

First element of marketing today is obviously the website. Web Presence Optimisation starts with the website. Every business needs one. Even though obvious, I will still re-iterate the need- First thing anyone does is to look up the website of the company and search for the products and services online. Hence your Web Presence Optimisation starts here with the website. Second thing they would do is to chat with their friends and peers on social media platforms, to seek their opinion on the product and service they seek. This is an extension of word of mouth marketing on the Internet. Hence you do need a website and then you would need to be found. What good is your website if it cannot be found? This can take the shape of various ways through SEO, PPC, Facebook campaigns, Linkedin campaigns and more. There is no point in the website if it cannot be found by your customers. This process of enabling it to be found is Search Engine Optimisation. Now that it is found and you have visitors on your website, you would want to convert it to revenue through a call to action. No point in having visitors if they do not convert to revenue. There is a science behind this process and is referred to as conversion architecture to ensure the traffic converts.

We specialise in Website Design, Website Conversion Architecture, SEO, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, Online Reputation Management, Mobile Marketing. After the latest algorithm changes by Google all these strategies work hand in tandem, be it Conversion architecture, Search, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, Online Reputation Management all need to work together in tandem to address the various issues of Lead Generation, establishing Brand Awareness or Customer communication. Web Presence Optimisation is the integration of all these elements together. Social signals for instance are very important for organic rankings. You cannot optimise your website without content which is also the best way of earning backlinks after the latest changes by Google. You need to be present where your customers exist hence be present on the social media platforms they use, utilise listening tools to manage your reputation least some disgruntled customer says something to damage your reputation and credibility which could have a severe impact on your business. A most essential component of search today is a blog and engaging content which will engage the audience, grab their attention and establish a conversation with them through search and social media. Today 60-70% of searches happen through mobile devices hence you do need a mobile website that is not clunky, loads fast and is suited for the small screens for best user experience. The second approach is also a mobile application and then a complete mobile marketing plan along with social media and location based services are essential to enable you business to be found by people on these small devices and grow your business. Statistics states that when people were exposed to both social media and search influenced by a brand the click through rate went up by an astounding 94%. In 60% of consumer journeys that end up in a purchase, the starting point is search.

What is Web Presence Optimisation?

With the dynamic changes by Google and ever evolving process, Search is not about traditional SEO any longer but about a combination of Conversion Architecture, SEO, Social Media, Fresh and Compelling content,  unique, fresh and continuous content, Mobile Marketing & Presence, Online reputation Management, Online PR all working in tandem across all customer digital touch points and is now referred to as Web Presence Optimisation. Important part of that Web Presence Optimisation is a optimised content marketing strategy.

What is Optimised Content Marketing in Web Presence Optimisation Strategy?

Optimised Content Marketing is the art of understanding exactly, what your prospects and customers need to know and deliberately producing optimised content, based on keyword phrases, that  drive organic search traffic and conversions.

The delivery of that optimised content to your customers, in a relevant and compelling way to grow your business, by socialising the content through your organisation’s social networks is an essential part of Web Presence Optimisation. No part of the Search strategy is complete without the mention of content marketing and an integral part of content marketing is blogs, articles, white papers, social media sharing, slide shares, pdf’s, e-books and no content marketing strategy can be complete without Video’s. Optimise your Video’s, market them to leverage your search rankings, as these are the fastest way of getting into the top search rankings. The new challenger in social media platforms is Google plus. It is very much an essential part of the Search Strategy and will be playing a key role in Search Strategies in the foreseeable future. Mention of Google plus and Search strategy cannot be complete without the mention of author tags in Google plus and Search and how they will influence search in the future. Author tags lend credibility to your content. Content posted in G+ is findable and optimised content even more so. Optimised content will not only influence search but will also help establish your brand credibility and authority in the eyes of the consumer. Content on the Internet outlives the content on Media such as telly and radio. After Google, Youtube the third largest search engine is Facebook hence your presence here also needs to be optimised. Hence as part of the Web Presence Optimisation you need to optimize your social media touch points.

Re-create content once and re-purpose it across blogs, articles, slide shares, white papers, PDF’s, PR, Video’s etc. You need to define your niche, target audience and personas, harvest knowledge sources and develop a content blue print plan and then produce your content based on the keywords you want to be found for. Create this content once and re-purpose it across all elements. Socially share the entire content through your social media presence.

Measure The Success of your Web Presence Optimisation Strategy

Lastly there is no point in undertaking all these activities if you do not measure your success and continuously tweak. Measure all impressions, click through’, conversions, social signals, backlinks and keyword ranks.

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Dynamic changes by Google have ensured Search is not about traditional SEO any longer but a combination of various factors in Web Presence Optimisation