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Website Design -3 most Important Aspects Of A Great Website Design

Website Design is not about how fancy a website looks but it includes many other aspects that you should pay attention to besides the aesthetic part of web design. A great website is usually user-friendly, relevant, optimised and informative. If you are in the midst of designing or redesigning your website to improve it, then you may want to consider applying some of these methods below.

 Good Content is the crucial foundation for Website Design

Content is the core foundation of many websites. Without a good content, a website will find it hard to get loyal visitors, who will keep coming back for more information. The expression ‘Content is king’ is right and you should apply this principle foremost, even when you can’t find the time to apply the other techniques. Spending time, energy and money is worth-while for great content on your website. Search engines too will appreciate good relevant, useful content on websites and are very likely to prefer a website with great content, over one website with little to no content when it comes to ranking and indexing it.

 Page and File Size matters for Website Design

Most people want content fast and their queries answered immediately. With so many options on the web, it is easy to overlook your website if it is loaded with big files and causes the loading of the page to slow down. As there are usually many more websites that offers similar information, web users will happily choose the others as they have plenty of options. Be sure to take into account your user’s viewpoint and ensure that they can get their information from your website quickly and easily.

 Site Structure the key to a Good Website Design

When browsing a website, users prefer to know where they are at that moment. A good structure is the answer to enable them to understand and help them know where they are at on the website. For this purpose breadcrumb trails can be used effectively to communicate to users where they are on the website and where they can go next. Without a good structure, your users will easily get lost, confused and even frustrated. A poorly structure website is not user-friendly and you can easily lose your visitors as they will not come back to look for information at your site. Crucial principles of finding your way around a website design is through a consistent, well laid out navigation path, not to confuse users with multiple choices on home page and using consistent landmarks in the navigation to orient the website user.

If you want to improve your website’s performance, then take some time to structure your website so that it can improve its usability and also makes it easier for the search engines to crawl and index your website. It is crucial that your content is layered is such a way that the most important piece of information/product/service is in the first layer and the others and below. No piece of content should be more than 3 clicks away as it will make it difficult for users to find the content and frustrated they will leave your site.

To improve your website design, bear in mind to keep your users in mind and also play by the rules of search engines. Website design is after all not about how pretty your website looks but how good an experience you can provide to your users.

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