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Website Design Conversion – Storyboarding – Phase 3 of Persuasion Architecture

Website Design Conversion-Welcome to the third article in the four-part series explaining the steps of Website Design Conversion Persuasion Architecture. This article will continue the exploration of how Website Design Conversion Persuasion Architecture with an overview of the third phase, Storyboarding.

What is Storyboarding in Website Design Conversion?

This phase of development in the process of Website Design Conversion Persuasion Architecture focuses primarily on persuasive and compelling layout, content, and design. This is the application part of how you will go about accomplishing the specifics you have so carefully constructed in the wireframing process. You will start to expand on your wireframe to guarantee that your website not only has a persuasive voice, but also possesses a persuasive atmosphere and an appealing look and feel based on scientific values of color theory, and is properly aesthetic and pays attention to modern research, such as the eyetracking of visitors. Instead of the usual approach to web design which designs the look and feel of the website first, Website Design Conversion Persuasion Architecture starts by delineating the processes that are the essential structure of your sales goals. With this understanding and a concrete foundation, the visuals can then be designed to take fullest advantage.

The Stages of Storyboarding in Website Design Conversion

Storyboarding should be taken in a series of specific steps, and works in the following manner:

Stage 1Persuasive Copy in Website Design Conversion: First, we identify all of the copy that must be written for your persuasive structure, and it should incorporate everything that was developed and constructed in the wireframe (don’t forget to incorporate the persuasive text with your keywords and sales strategy.) Take your time developing these, as it is your message, and should be targeted to the exact result you want to achieve.

Stage 2 – Layout/Storyboard in Website Design Conversion: Next, design a mockup of the layout of the visual elements. Several aspects should be considered: branding, page titles and headings, menus and navigation, header images, and footers, which should include privacy notices and copyrights. After the essential elements are discovered, we ascribe each element a priority, so it is known which elements are the most important and should be given priority of emphasis and placement.

Stage 3Design in Grayscale in Website Design Conversion: This stage is where we start developing the aesthetics of the website for Website Design Conversion. The mockup is done in grayscale so that the layout and foundation of the site can be ascertained without the distraction of colour; much like an artist’s underpainting. If it is appealing in black and white, it will likely spring to life with the proper use of colour.

 Stage 4 – Design with Color Application in Website Design Conversion: This stage of Website Design Conversion is where the focus shifts to the mood, impact, and influence of colour. Proper application use of colour leads to a better website. The template you create should carry the color scheme throughout the whole site, creating a cohesive and unified look, which will cause less confusion and distraction for visitors.

Step 5Coding in Website Design Conversion: Once the mockup is fully complete, the image can now be turned into an HTML document (or PHP, depending on what Content management System you are using).  Don’t forget to keep style elements separate though the use of cascading style sheets (which can be reused on multiple pages). This is also the point where you should consider any Search Engine Optimisation strategies or Web Optimisation Strategy that you choose to use, mobile integration, ease of access concerns, and so on.

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Website Design Conversion-third article explaining the steps of Website Design Conversion Persuasion Architecture, We continue the exploration