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Website Design Conversion- Planning your site for Persuasion Architecture


Website Design Conversion-  If you own any business and specifically an online business, your main goal is likely one thing; converting your website visitors into clients, to get your website to work for you.By planning your Website Design Conversion, you can avoid many of the pitfalls common to online businesses and drastically increase your conversion rates, which results into a higher bottom line.

How to do this is the big question. The quest for higher conversion rates has been one of the major concerns for website owners as long as there has been an internet, is best achieved through Website Design Conversion architecture. Luckily, a new breakthrough in design theory has made it easy for website owners to maximise their website’s potential. Take a look at the following examples:

  • One of the world’s largest diamond wholesalers revamped their site and increased visitor conversions from .86% to 54.1%, an increase of over 5500% achieved through Website Design Conversion architecture.
  • An e-business that helps people sell customised merchandise reduced their shopping cart abandonment rate from 35% (already low by industry standards) to just 15% achieved through Website Design Conversion architecture.
  • A re-seller of broadband services reported a 60% increase in their order pipeline, a 419% increase in conversion and a 13% increase in gross margin, with sales up over 100%. Their Web site has been setting new records monthly for over a year by following Website Design Conversion architecture.
  • The Web site for an entrepreneurial firm specialising in custom Yellow Page ad design originally delivered an average of 6 leads a month. It now shows an increase in conversion of over 600%, or 37 leads a month! Achieved through Website Design Conversion architecture

Do these seem like results you would want for your business? Then you owe it to yourself to investigate this new technology – Persuasion Architecture.

What is Persuasion Architecture or Website Design Conversion?

Persuasion Architecture has a simple premise — that the buying decision process and the sales process must work hand in glove, together. This is especially important when designing websites for conversion. The solution for dramatically improving conversion rates lies in helping businesses marry the sales process to their audience’s buying decision processes, in helping businesses “sell better.” The website must provide a structure that helps the visitor “buy better.”

Persuasion Architecture offers a detailed process for convincing your customers to take the actions you want them to take. Everything is planned, nothing is left to chance. To provide potential clients with the information they want, on demand, in a language that speaks to their individual needs, you create persuasive paths based on personas.

Persuasion Architecture offers many advantages in the development arena, namely:

  • The process presents a simple-to-follow project management and monitoring methodology
  • The process is based on a solid foundation of business “rules” and the principles of cognitive psychology
  • The process helps non-experts create persuasive systems
  • The process allows non-technical business people to lead and man- age the development of the project
  • The process is designed to maximize the strengths and minimize the weaknesses of both technical and business people

What does Website Design Conversion or Persuasion Architecture do for your Website?

Persuasion Architecture makes it possible for you to:

  • Create business-specific personas that reflect the demographic, psychological and topologic dimensions of your audience
  • Develop persuasion scenarios that meet the needs of your audience’s buying decision processes and your sales process
  • Identify the necessary language that will help you create persuasive copy and rank well in search engine results
  • Integrate your multi-channel marketing efforts, based on the personas you have created, through Persuasion Entities (on- or offline)
  • Establish a structure that allows you to test, measure and optimize your results on a continuing basis, so you can manage intelligently

Convinced? Ready to let a Website Design Conversion or Persuasion Architecture work for you?

If businesses ranging from international corporations to one-person shops can apply the concepts of Persuasion Architecture to achieve significant results, you can as well.  The process is proven.  It incorporates processes developed specifically for creating persuasive systems.  And it is accessible, even for those who are not technology experts.

You can apply Persuasion Architecture across the board, or concentrate on a single area of your business.

What can Persuasion Architecture accomplish for your website design?

That depends, how much dramatic success you are looking for?

So if you are at all interested in optimising your Website Design Conversion, do yourself a favour and take a look at Persuasion Architecture.

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Website Design Conversion-If you own any business, your main goal is likely one thing; converting your website visitors into clients. Plan for it.