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Whether you’re planning to set up a new website design Watford online property or already have a website; there are certain do’s and don’ts that are to be followed so that your website stays on the right side of the search engines and your valuable content can be easily found. Let us tackle the things that you should not do when setting up a website design Watford blog or ecommerce site.

• Given that user attention span is short, you don’t want a website that fails to inform the visitor on what it’s about.

• Multimedia that starts automatically is a bad idea; any website design Watford agency worth its money will know that visitors strongly dislike being treated to music or worse a sales pitch that appears from nowhere; and one that they have no means of shutting off. If you must greet visitors with audio / video, place the multimedia controls where they can be found easily by the visitors.

• Content that is not written keeping the online reader’s habits in mind will fail. Your website design Watford agency should not forsake the reader in favor of creating content for the search engine spiders. The article should be readable; preferably with subheads, bullets, and short paragraphs. Prospective customers scan; they don’t read each word and the scanning follows an “F” pattern. And while on the subject of content, websites that carry spelling and grammar mistakes do not inspire confidence in the reader.

• If your website’s actual content ends up looking like promotional content or comes across as an advertisement, then you’re going to lose visitors. Flashy formatting and fancy fonts are like red flags for visitors, these are associated with banner ads and pop ups. Your website design Watford content creation team should eschew design that suggests that the content in question is an ad, when in reality it is not. Visitors do not have the patience to check and find out and there is no dearth of options for them.

• A website that resembles a maze because of complicated navigation will frustrate visitors. Visitors unable to locate content that is actually present on your site is a very avoidable situation. It translates into losses for ecommerce sites. Chart out the navigation path with your website design Watford team so that it covers each and every page on your website, is intuitive to use, and does not overwhelm visitors with options. A website’s structure and navigation are linked, so ensure that you are clear about the shape the site will take so that the navigation plan can be easily adopted. On similar lines, avoid hidden navigation links. Clicking on an image should not take the visitor to an unintended location.

• Don’t go with a design element simply because it’s trendy at the moment. Your website design Watford team should be able to assess the usefulness and the esthetic value of a design feature. For example, floating menu bars may or may not be a good choice for your website. Flash can slow down your website, it may look good on one website but do you need it on yours? Infinite scrolls are cool but they should not make it difficult for your visitor to access the footer on a page.

• Avoid sneaky tactics, and there are a few things that your website design Watford agency should know about. Web links that invariably open in new windows are considered an underhand tactic and should be avoided. Search engines frown on this practice. Do not add visitors to a subscription list without his explicit consent. It goes without saying that you should avoid visitor registration unless absolutely necessary. Pop-ups that demand registration in exchange of access are a bad web design idea. Do not automatically resize the user’s browser window size. If the link opens to a PDF file, then inform the user beforehand. Use relevant anchor text for links and do not cloak links. Make it easy for users to distinguish between clicked and unclicked links.

• Do not get swayed by the glitz of bad design elements; colored fonts, GIFs, flash, multiple frame scroll bars, images of organizations and awards, and banner ads with neon arrows forcing customers to avail a discount. Horizontal scrolling is another bad design idea. Screens today are usually 1024 x 768 pixels; your website’s page should fit in that space. Vertical scrolling should not exceed more than four or five screens for articles. Also, your website design Watford team should remember to maintain consistency in design elements throughout the site.

• Do not misuse images. A good website design Watford team knows the value of images. Used judiciously, images and other forms of content can greatly supplement text. However, these images need to be relevant to the content; they should be named accurately and should carry appropriate alt tags as well as dimensional attributes. Size information helps browsers to load images quickly. Compress image files so that these load faster on a visitor’s browser. Text running over images ruins the effect and shows your effort as being amateurish. Image-heavy websites take longer to load, so use this form of content only where applicable. Images should not be used as fillers.

• Don’t let your design deflate enthusiastic users or make them suspicious about your motives. Your website design Watford website should be on the level and more importantly appear so. This means that your contact information and business details should be easily accessible. The same holds true for your email address.

• Finally, remember to ensure cross-browser compatibility. A successful website design Watford agency will never overlook this point. And this includes mobile browsers as well. If your business is tilted towards mobile users then you need to ensure that the site renders quickly and smoothly on handheld devices.

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Let us tackle the things that you should not do when setting up a website design Watford blog or ecommerce site