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Website Health Check and Free Internet Marketing Consultation

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Website Health Check- Is Your Website Working For Your Business?

  • Is your website the first one showing on the search engines?
  • Are You Generating Consistent Leads And Sales From Your Website?
  • Have You Examined Your Competition Lately?
  • Do you know what your ROI is for your Marketing efforts?

If you answered “NO” to any of these questions, it’s time you contacted us for your FREE Internet Marketing Consultation and Website Health Check report (£1000 value). There is no obligation to purchase any product or service. Website Health will help you determine if your website is working for you.

Our role as Internet Marketing Consultants is to help your business realise the full profit potential of the Internet. Website Health Check is the starting point. That potential goes far beyond just selling products and services online. Our mission is to help companies grow, whilst providing a better return on investment. We work with our customers to understand their business, and then develop strategies to grow their business over time, nurturing key areas such as lead generation, brand credibility and customer conversion.

We offer various solutions to meet your needs and bend over backwards to help achieve them. Our solutions are advanced, yet affordable. All our solutions are centred on the four pillars of Site, Search, Social and Mobile addressing lead generation, establishing brand credibility and customer communication. We can cater to all your digital marketing requirements and help contribute to your topline as well as bottom line by reducing your costs and providing a measurable ROI. We ensure that your campaign is well run, reviewed regularly, and continuously optimised to deliver fantastic results.

We will review your website and provide a Website Health Check Report:

  •  Review and health check of your website.
  •  Review your website against your topline competitor’s
  •  Provide advice on how to improve your search engine ranking.
  •  Suggested improvements will convert website visitors into sales.
  •  We can implement those changes for you after discussions


Sample Report

Website Health Check Report

Website Health Check will help you evaluate your business objectives….

Image in blue of target bullseye

  • Improve Your Operating Costs
  • Increase Your Revenues
  • Automate Your Processes
  • Increase Lead Volume &  Brand Awareness
  • Dominate Your Local or National Market
  • Effectively Outsource Your Internet Marketing

The Internet can do all of the above for your business, but first…

You can’t do Business if your customers can’t find you!

The ability for your business to be found easily online relies on your ranking within the top Internet search engines, i.e. Google, Yahoo and MSN for keywords that would actually drive “quality traffic” for your business. Your Internet Marketing Consultation and Free Website Report can help you to fully understand your current ranking within these search engines and what you can do to improve your position. Ranking among the top of search engine results can be more effective than any other advertising you’ve ever done for your business combined.

Our Website Health Check Report allows us to create an accurate picture of where your website is positioned against other businesses within your industry online including:

  • Your business’ current ranking in the top search engines as compared to your competitors’
  • A high level review of key elements on your site that may be hindering your business’ ability to attract and convert visitors into customers
  • Recommendations on what you can do to improve your competitiveness on the Internet.
  • 45-Minute Initial Consultation with an Experienced Internet Marketing Consultant after your Website Heath Check report is shared with you


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