White Hat SEO – The Ethical Way To Rank Your Site


White Hat SEO - To Rank Your Site


White Hat SEO to build your website rankings using ethical ways:


White Hat SEO  involves building backlinks, using an internal site structure, creating valuable content and writing guest blog posts amongst many others.

Here’s what you can do and you should do when it comes to White Hat SEO with the help of the white hat seo techniques:

#1: You can focus on ranking your websites for the long term perspective in White Hat SEO.

#2: You can do link building or off-page White Hat SEO.

Link building basically means to post links back to your website or to collaborate with other website owners so they post backlinks to your website. They can either write a blog post and refer to something on your website or you can simply post on their website as a guest. Make sure you don’t abuse it. Don’t do more than 10 backlinks per website per day.

#3: The ultimate white hat seo guidelines: focus on pleasing your visitors rather than Google.

Keep these two things in mind and you’ll definitely be able to rank your website pretty well. The users who are pleased with your content will refer it to other people which in turn will share it more often.

Google makes the most money when their visitors find what they want. That’s because if a user doesn’t find what it wants repeatedly by using Google, it will try other search engines and leave Google for good.

#4: Use keywords and optimise your webpages for certain keywords.

A keyword is a search term that a person uses to search the database of a search engine. When many people search for the same term, the search engine will display the content based on relevance. This is why it makes sense to optimise your website for certain search terms that are often searched for. In this way, you have a chance at having your website ranked on the first page of Google.

The following are bad practices when it comes to White Hat SEO:

#1: Don’t exchange too many links with other websites.

This operation doesn’t create more value for your visitors and this is why Google hates it.

#2: Don’t create content just for the search engines.

The web pages that are created just for the search engines aren’t read. Many people after seeing them, revert back to the search engine. Ensure that you don’t stuff keywords and spam. The content should be readable and not written for the search engines but for the humans consuming it.

#3: Don’t post spam on other websites with links back to your website.

This is an inefficient practice and most search engines are able to ignore spam from their rankings.

#4: Do not pay for backlinks.

Certain people pay other website owners to post backlinks to their websites. Or the practise of using link farms to buy links is not taken too kindly by the search engines. Then Google will penalise who accept to exchange backlinks. If these backlinks are from unrelated websites or from non unique IP’s which offer little or no value to the consumers, it will be treated as black hat. If the links are not gradual but start appearing too fast will also be treated as black hat.

#5: Do not get impatient and indulge in unethical means

If it does not seem natural you will penalised. You cannot go from 10 links to 1000 links in one month and not be noticed. The quality of the links will matter more than the quantity. Earning a unnatural link penalty is not something you want. Go gradual, slow and steady wins the race. Any unethical means such as cloaking and deception in any form will not pay in the long run period.

#6: Avoid keyword stuffing hidden content to deceive search engines

As pointed out earlier don’t stuff keywords in the hope of ranking higher. Read as a human being and check if it makes good reading. Also there have been some deception techniques used in the past of hiding the keywords in the same colour as the background which are not visible to the reader but are used to deceive the search engines.

#7: Nor use gateway pages

These are pages that are stuffed with keywords within the content and re-direct a user to a landing page. The readers do not see the actual page but this form of deception is not accepted as a ethical method.

The above are the things you should do and the things you should avoid when it comes to improving your search engine rankings, in simple terms. The things you should do can be called white hat SEO actions. I encourage you to focus on implementing the white hat SEO approach on the long term.

If you implement all the above White Hat SEO methods you will succeed in ranking your website on search Engines. Contact us Today to get started!

White Hat SEO involves building backlinks, using an internal site structure, create valuable content and write guest blog posts amongst many others