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 Business Lifecycle, Your All-In-One Internet Solutions Package

WSI Lifecycle ApproachWhat makes us different from other Internet marketers? The people and the approach.

As a business owner, you will come to face with a plethora of choices with the huge number of internet marketing specialists on the web. Businesses often face the problem of picking the right internet marketing professionals to help them as it is hard to tell who they can trust and rely on.



We have multiple years of experience and have a solid track record in helping many other businesses achieve success with their internet marketing efforts. We are proud to announce that the success of our clients digital marketing efforts is backed by our company’s very own digital marketing model. As our client, you gain the power of the Business Lifecycle approach, a six-stage, results-oriented strategy which has been constantly delivering success.

We help businesses of all sizes use the philosophy of the Lifecycle to create a custom-tailored plan to grow with your company. Lifecycle helps us understand your business needs and provide custom tailored solutions. Without this approach the marketing budgets of the company cannot be justified. Lifecycle is the key to our mutual success.

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Our Lifecycle is a customised process only found and used by us in us to help businesses through a thorough process for digital marketing success. Below are what the six steps Lifecycle process look like.


Business Lifecycle – Our Six Steps to Success

The Business Lifecycle applies to all of our digital marketing services. Here’s a very brief summary of what you can expect:

1. Discovery

The first step in the Lifecycle is discovery. This is the first step of the process where we will start to learn more about what your business. We will also take into account other details such as your business current state, your current internet marketing strategies, vision, website health, tracking of your website performance and your business online presence. We will also understand your business objectives for the year.

2. Web Presence Analysis 

The next step is the Business Analysis stage. This is where we come out with ideas and solutions on how our internet marketing strategies can help your business meet its goals and Key Performance Indicators (KPI). This is also the time when we will define the goals of your internet marketing campaigns for your business growth.

3. Build

The third step is the Build step. In this stage, we will look into developing your business presence online. If your business already has an online presence, we will use this stage to improve it. This can involve drafting out an ideal website design to represent your business, using persuasion architecture or correcting and improving your current website to match your business image and branding.

4. Implement

The fourth step is the Implement step. This is basically the implementation stage where we will implement and action our plans made in the previous stages. After all, nothing is going to happen if we don’t put into action the plans and making them real. This is the stage where there will be lots of development and testing as well, so to ensure that we will get the exact outcome that your business needs.

5. Measure

The fifth step is the Measure step. Implementation on stage four is not enough. Measuring will tell us a lot about how our efforts are delivering. Measuring includes implementation of web analytics to collect data on the performance of your website

6. Manage Results

Finally, the last step is Manage Results. Managing the data and the results that you are getting helps you identify your website strengths, weaknesses and also opportunities.

That is the overview bird’s eye view of our Business Lifecycle, which is specifically designed for businesses of all sizes to achieve success and to meet their goals in their digital marketing efforts. If you are ready to take your business online and into the next level, you can rely on us to give you the best help to assist you to achieve greater heights of success in the digital marketing arena

We’re excited with the opportunity to work with you to take your company to new heights.  For more information about our Business Lifecycle process Contact us today.

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