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Web Presence Analysis

Web Presence Analysis  – provides a more thorough understanding of your business and its processes to identify unique opportunities to increase profits through a customised internet marketing plan . In this phase, we will will meet with you at a time and place of your convenience. By asking a series of business questions, we will analyse your current online marketing activities, understand your marketing goals and objectives, define your target market and determine how to best implement a internet marketing plan that will fit with your unique business needs and budget.

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Web Presence Analysis-Through the use of the proprietary tools :

Through the use of Web Presence Analysis we would like to understand your business , target market, effective lead generation methods, existing online brand presence, existing customer communication strategy and conversion ratio.We will attempt to identify your needs, evaluate the existing marketing plan and identify your goals, key metrics, what has worked well for you so far , what could be better. We will also try and identify your priorities in terms of lead generation, customer communication, brand credibility and brand awareness. Complete the Internet Value map, associate the needs with the appropriate Internet Marketing strategies working along side you, after identifying the gaps. This complete analysis will help us identify the appropriate solutions for your marketing needs and develop a tailor made solutions for your requirements. We will post this stage submit a proposal and discuss the pro’s and con’s of the different strategies.

We will research your markets, your customers and your targets markets to identify the most appropriate solutions to your needs.

We will be your sounding board and an extension of your marketing department and help you identify Internet marketing strategies that are effective in generating results and have a high return on investment through the Web Presence Analysis.


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