Why Your Business Needs Video Content Marketing Services


Video Marketing for Business

If you are still sceptical about incorporating Video content marketing strategies in your marketing plans, just have a look at some of these statistics.


  • 67% of people prefer to watch a video to read the textual content on their screens.
  • 47% of people make their purchasing decision by watching a promotional video of a product.
  • Over 4 billion hours of videos are consumed every month on YouTube.
  • On Facebook, over 400 years value of video shared on a daily basis.


These facts and figures say a lot about the popularity that Video marketing enjoys in present times. No wonder, more than 50% of online businesses have included product independent videos on their websites, and more than 90% have included informational videos about their products and services. One of the most important things that go in favour of Video marketing is that businesses are getting an exceptionally huge return on their investment by utilising these services.

With that in mind let’s have a look at 4 most effective tips to take your Video content marketing campaigns to a whole new level.

Don’t ignore the mobile viewers: Always keep your videos interesting and short, and keep your text and logo a little bit larger than you did in the past. This approach will help the mobile users to watch your video anywhere effortlessly, and clearly view your brand and business at the same time. Always choose a well established online marketing company that can help you in these aspects of marketing.

Avoid a large amount of textual content:

In order to get maximum conversions, use informational and interesting videos on your website instead of large blocks of textual content. Studies have proven that the average time spent on video pages is much more than that on the textual content pages. A reputable marketing company can effectively guide you in determining the kind of videos that would be most suitable for your website.

Boost your email marketing by integrating videos:

You may not believe it, but studies have shown that people rarely open promotional emails with textual content these days. Therefore, the best way to increase the click-through rates of your emails is by integrating interesting video content in your marketing emails.

Implement Call-To-Action strategies to increase conversion rate:

Apart from making your videos interesting and informative to the users, you should not forget that the ultimate goal of your videos is to drive sales for your business. Therefore don’t forget to include CTA anywhere near the end of the video. Incorporating these Video content marketing techniques will help you to massively increase the conversion rate of your online business with in a very short span of time.

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The most important things that go in favour of Video marketing is that businesses are getting an exceptionally huge return on their investment.